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About Me (click to expand)

  • Height: 5' 8"  (173 cm)
  • Body Type: Fit/Athletic
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • romanian/latin
  • Religion: Christian/Other
  • orthodox christian
  • Education: PhD/Post Doctoral
  • best teacher is the grave, while best academy - the cemetery. PHD in Stupidity, of course. Surpassed successfully the Indoctrination of the Academy of Evil and Magic
  • Occupation: Farming / Agriculture / Forestry
  • if the 1st question that comes into your mind, talking with a human being is "what is your job/your income" you have to seek other men. i do not participate to legalized slavery.
  • Income: No Answer
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Rarely
  • Marital Status: Never Married
  • Has Kids: No
  • Wants Kids: Someday
  • Looking for: Marriage
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

My own Words (click to expand)

More About Me

[Read carefully] I search to communicate with Human Beings, not with numbers in a list with numbers.
About me: I am a loser. Yes, a loser. And a fool. A fool and a stupid. In one word, an Idiot. My richness are my sins. I am full of sins. My intelligence is Stupidity. I am the most stupid of all, never ever seen such a stupid as me. My beauty is ugliness, I am darker than my shadow, a black heart, full of darkness. And yes, I'm crazy too. Craziest of all, the foolest of all, and you find the rest of these qualities you may search in a man, I have no ideals. Yes, that’s correct. I do not have any ideals. God gives me everything I need. To God I must thank everyday, for this life. My life would be meaningless, without God. I don’t care of ideals, - ideals are for the ones who still dreaming, often, in vain. I do not live in an Illusion, I live into what is Reality. So! Reality is the same, everywhere. Look around you. Look carefully. And deeper. Deeper than what you imagine. God bless!
TheMirror: 1000 questions if you ask me, I shall tell you who you are, - 1000 answers if you will provide me, you will tell me who I am. Richest of all, I have amassed the riches of my many sins crying to heaven. The most wicked of all, my soul is blackened with wickedness. Dark of all, nothing shines in my hideousness. Worst of all, you won't know anyone worse than me: the savage one, full of cunning, bringing my cause, to your attention, - at the same time, to your clear judgment, in discernment of the truth! This is me, the very tyrant, - my honors are mockery, do good to condemn, spit and blaspheme! My ranks are weakness, helplessness and recklessness, do well to shout, strike and hate! My decorations are ignorance, incompetence and wandering, do well to laugh, prey and destroy! You don't understand all these?! Give me a piece of rope, to measure for you the whole Vanity, Void and Nothingness, from one end of the earth to the other, from one corner, to the other, for sighting!

More About My Match

[Read carefully] I love my country, and not wishing to relocate elsewhere. If you speak with me just because you want to move out from your country/relocate in Europe(or here in Romania), search someone else, such women I can find everywhere and anytime. If you write in your profile that you are humble and this is just a word with no real meaning, in Reality, you are not fit for me, search someone else. Same, if you speak highly of love, honesty, family, but your actions are not accordingly and for you all these are just words in a dictionary, - search for someone else. In any of these cases, are thousands of women like so, and I do not want any of them.
I search to communicate with Human Beings, not with numbers in a list with numbers.
I search a Bestfriend.
I search a woman with No Pride. The woman with no pride is a blessing, for the man. The woman who has no pride, loves God, and because loves God, she is blessed one. that is the wise woman: the woman who loves God, and then, loves her friend, her betrothed, her husband. the wise woman has no place for pride, into her noble heart. She, indeed, can be my bestfriend.
P. S: The woman full of pride, is not a true Woman. Because of Pride, her Beauty becomes ugliness, - her Intelligence reduces to none, - her Qualities, vanish. Pride, turns a woman into just a living body, a biological being, who just live a life of Illusions, her ideals are just dreams in vain. Vain glory, for a life to waste.
I seek a Woman, indeed. Or one who needs and wants to be a Woman. A humble one. But day by day, my search, continues, among the ones for which this word - of a - Woman, - truly, is very far away. That is because of their Pride. That is the fall of women of our modern times. Pride takes away all their beauty, all their intelligence, all their qualities, and leave them into their madness, wickedness and unfortunate fate.
I love all what a Woman is, but Freedom more. Are you a Woman, or a number in a list with numbers?!

About my Match (click to expand)

  • Seeking: seeking women, 23-43
  • Location: No Answer of Barlad, Moldova, Romania
  • Height: 4' 11"  (150 cm) to 5' 11"  (180 cm)
  • Body Type: Skinny, Slim/Slender, Fit/Athletic, Toned & Firm, Average, Proportional, Curvy
  • Hair Color: Auburn, Red, Strawberry Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black
  • Eye Color: Any
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino, Asian, East Indian, Mixed Race
  • Religion: Christian/Catholic, Christian/Other, Jewish, Muslim/Islamic
  • Education: Any
  • Occupation: Any
  • Income: Any
  • Smokes: Any
  • Drinks: Any
  • Marital Status: Never Married, Divorced, Widowed
  • Has Kids: No | Yes, they live with me
  • Wants Kids: Definitely | Someday | Not Sure

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