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  • Height: 5' 3"  (160 cm)
  • Body Type: Full Figured
  • Hair Color: Dark Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Education: Some College
  • Occupation: Homemaking / Child Rearing
  • I haven't worked for years on account of my mental health. Only now do I feel ready to add a partner to my life. My work-life used to be in the food industry, cleaning, animals husbandry, and retail.
  • Income: No Answer
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Rarely
  • Marital Status: Never Married
  • Has Kids: Yes, they live with me
  • Wants Kids: No, been there-done that
  • Looking for: Long-term
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

My own Words (click to expand)

More About Me

I'm a foodie, writer, and gamer. Short, sweet, and fierce. Feminist. Hopeless romantic. Direct. Shy until I trust. Everything about me is real.
My genres are fantasy and erotica. Originally from the Northern part of Norway. Now living in the Southern part.
I fill my days with walks in nature, listening to music, writing, gaming, and my kids. I have two, one lives with me. Two dads. Modern logistics.
My dream is a house in the countryside with animals, self-sufficiency, and a warm, comfortable home.
I'm a dominant woman in the bedroom as well as outside it. I'm into BDSM and femdom. Being into it and being a slut is not the same.
I can't be converted nor persuaded by married men nor attached men. "Curious and only in it to try" need not apply.
I have lived fully and my body reflects this. I'm built for the end of civilization, not the Court of Kings. Small hands and feet. Big boobs, belly, hips, and thighs. Soft skin.
I have two tattoos. No piercings. I have surgical scars.
I hardly ever use make-up. I keep my hair short. I wear sensible clothing. But I have some fetish wear that I adore and hope to use more often ;)
I'm interested in exploring going to clubs and events in the BDSM/femdom scene.
My dedication can be intense. My loyalty is fierce and possessive. For the weak-minded, I can be scary.
I'm old-fashioned in that I don't like the Patriarchy. I believe in honor and have a little too much pride.
I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm ok with that. I'm in no rush. I don't really need a man in my life. However, a solid relationship is what I want so I can explore being a dominant woman and having a space to be more than a mom.
I think I have much to offer the right kind of man. Being his space to live fully and authentically. Not fulfilling pornographic fantasies only, but be a strong foundation, a framework for a solid, trusting, and welcoming home.

More About My Match

I'm not after a knight in shining armor. I don't need a man to slay my dragons. I AM the dragon. I would like an honorable man to serve me though ;)

He is an adult man in good health.
He is done with previous relationships.
He knows himself well.
He is interested in a healthy relationship.
He knows how to please a woman, and if not, is willing to learn.
He is done having kids or doesn't want any.
He doesn't smoke, or if he does, is willing to quit.
He enjoys alcohol in moderation.
He is confident in his chosen profession.
He wants to submit to a woman fully. No experience in this is required.
He realizes porn is fantasy and not sex education.
I prefer men well taller than me. I'm tickled by having a tall man at my feet, kneeling.
I enjoy kissing, so some measure of proficiency in this is preferred. And again, most things can be learned.
I enjoy massages, both giving and receiving.
I love cooking food and enjoying meals in good company and my beloved should have at least some interest in this.
He must be accepting of alternative lifestyles.
He must be mobile so that he can move closer to me.
He doesn't expect me to be perfect, and so I don't expect him to be.
He appreciates trust, warmth, and intimacy as much as I do.
His past is his own and he is aware of his shortcomings and willing to work on them.
No brattiness.
He doesn't look much older or younger than me. I look my age, he should too.
Being with me takes patience, courage, and staying power.

Good luck!

About my Match (click to expand)

  • Seeking: seeking men, 30-50
  • Location: No Answer of Fetsund, Akershus, Norway
  • Height: 3' 0"  (91 cm) to 7' 11"  (241 cm)
  • Body Type: Any
  • Hair Color: Any
  • Eye Color: Any
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Religion: Any
  • Education: Any
  • Occupation: Any
  • Income: Any
  • Smokes: Any
  • Drinks: Any
  • Marital Status: Never Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated
  • Has Kids: Any
  • Wants Kids: Any

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