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  • lindsyjones: Love..emotions. logic . reasons ..we're human. .a gift. .
  • I am a: 70 yr-old woman seeking men, 99-99
  • Location: unknown, California, USA
  • Last Online: Nov 14

About Me (click to expand)

  • Height: 5' 0"  (152 cm)
  • Body Type: Slim/Slender
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Race
  • Religion: Christian/Catholic
  • God is good. Man on the one hand can either be bad or good. We have the choice. I hope we choose the latter. In this sometimes cruel world to be good takes a lot of effort while being bad is so easy. I pray that I always choose what's good for
  • Education: Masters Degree
  • Occupation: Retired
  • humanitarian
  • Income: No Answer
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Rarely
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Has Kids: Yes, they are over 18
  • Wants Kids: No Way
  • Looking for: Long-term
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

My own Words (click to expand)

More About Me

Learning is a lifetime journey. That's why I'm here, to learn.

Respect and openness I value most. The antidote of lies and deceit, a trait I most dislike. I am only here for the writings and friends. But thanks for your visit and good luck and God Bless.

Been here for quite sometime and enjoying myself with the blogs, poems and forums.( At the moment I can't post anything because of temporary ban and I am hoping to be able to contribute again). Not looking, thanks for your visit. I am forever grateful with this gift called ? ?? life. Thaks all.

Just recently, I have been so concerned with Peace and how this world is traumatized by inhumanities committed by terrorists.

I do abhor hypocrisy and cruelty against one another.

I believe in love, but these events boiling in our realms seem to indicate we are losing it..

More About My Match

I do believe in God. But I am not religious. I will not impose my belief to anyone out of respect, and would expect no one to impose theirs on mine. I do believe in the Golden Rule. And I also believe that we are capable of doing good, most of the time yet we are human, inherently created to be imperfect and because of this, we do have the obligation to learn and be a better person, with understanding, kindness and generosity to share with our fellow human beings or any creature on this vast universe. NOTE: If Dr. Neil DeGrazzie Tyson, Quantum Physicist and Prof. Richard Dawkins, Biologist, both are professors at Harvard University can't explain to me in layman's words how this Universe came into being and we are but a tiny speck from this Galaxy with millions more out there, and no one can tell me where the end of this sphere, then who am I not to believe in God. But not the INFALLIBILITY OF anyone's religion as mostly indoctrinated and spread. That is why I believe, in an all too powerful being, good and forgiving, I call HIM, GOD.

I'm truly fascinated by two books: Dr. Brian Weiss, Many Lives Many Masters and, Dr. Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven.

Absolutely beguiled and at awe with Quantum Physics.

I value friendship so much. Life is way too long without them, friends. Thank you.

I most believe in the content of Desiderata. Read so much about Kahlil Gibran, and my all time favorite is Atlas Shrugged. The Prophet. Just started delving into Zen, Buddhism and Taoism.

Yet the principle of Objectivism and use of reason, as laid out by Sooren Kierkegaard and championed by Rand is my ultimate fundamental source of my living principles. Coupled with achievable sense of humility, dignity, kindness and generosity. I so believe in unity and total eradication of ignorance and poverty.

Thank you all for your visit.


About my Match (click to expand)

  • Seeking: seeking men, 99-99
  • Location: Within 10000 miles of unknown, California, USA
  • Height: 5' 10"  (178 cm) to 6' 11"  (211 cm)
  • Body Type: Any
  • Hair Color: Any
  • Eye Color: Any
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Religion: Any
  • Education: Any
  • Occupation: Any
  • Income: Any
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Any
  • Marital Status: Any
  • Has Kids: Any
  • Wants Kids: Any

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