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  • hexagonkeyset: Sometimes one looks and then finds they can't 'Say Hi ...' on account of your settings !!!
  • I am a: 63 yr-old man seeking women, 18-99
  • Location: Central, Waikato, New Zealand
  • Last Online: 9 hrs ago

About Me (click to expand)

  • Height: 6' 0"  (183 cm)
  • Body Type: Few extra pounds
  • Hair Color: Bald/Shaved
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • My CM (current bodily manifestation) is that of a White British Male ... ' I ' however am ageless, timeless. I had no beginning and I'll have no end! ( Grins, I see a few more snowflakes flee )
  • Religion: Spiritual but not religious
  • amo amas amat amamis amatis amant amabo amabas amabat amabamis amabatis amabant
  • Education: Masters Degree
  • amo amas amat amamis amatis amant amabo amabas amabat amabamis amabatis amabant
  • Occupation: Executive/Management
  • Holistic Detective ... several strings in the bow! ps Net pics ... no, I don't do those! Fairness, in every respect, includes respecting a persons choice 'to post a pic or not to post a pic'. You get to decide 4 U and I get to decide do I for me
  • Income: No Answer
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Rarely
  • Marital Status: Separated
  • Has Kids: Yes, they are over 18
  • Wants Kids: Not Sure
  • Looking for: Long-term
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

My own Words (click to expand)

More About Me

It's funny and I wonder if have you noticed, so many scammers state they are 'God fearing' ... little do they realise they're boldly tempting The Divine Patience ;-)

Do not be alarmed by the 3D sense of humour ... much / most will woosh over your head without so much as disturbing a hair. This is sometimes referred to as 'tin roofing' after the way in which tropical houses lose their lids in a hurricane !

An " old fashioned guy " looking for similarly " old fashioned " in a gal and there's space in my life and heart for her ... if she exists and stumbles on this! OF in this respect refers to ethics and social values, you need not dress in 1940's costumes or drive a Model A Ford !

'Separated' status is very long term and permanent ... there's no going back and I refuse to lie or pretend, it's just 'how it is' !

Willing to travel for the right gal, but not just 'any gal' !!!

Not interested in pretendy net G/F - there's something tragic & terribly sad about that sort of dreamer! A meeting of minds here can be a powerful start, yet it has to be acknowledged that there are always gonna be risks. Words on a page carry only 7% of the full communication ... a 93% chance of misunderstanding inherent in each message... food and drink for thought, enough to feed an army !

Immune to scammers, flattery, B.S and all other devices of emotional manipulation ... If you ARE a scammer, sure feel free to waste your time if you think that have something 'new' to show me. In reality you'd get a better ROI from one of the LENGToBs ( Lonely, Emotionally Needy, Gullible Types of Bloke )

More About My Match

Must be woman (@ D&ToB) non-negotiable!
Smart enough to know Mars & Venus is a metaphor ... a good one, but still 'just a metaphor'!
- not to attempt to change me if you're worth it, you'll soon find I'm adaptable ;-)
- to be authentic, not pretend anything about herself
- not to weaponise her emotions
- not to be censorious
- to know 'who & how she is' herself
- not to expect perfection from me I'm only a bloke after all )!
- to have got past 'Silly Games' but still retains her playfulness ...
- Knows The Ability to Compromise is Strength in both men and women - it meet both needs, not one winning while t'other loses!
- to recognise that 'I am I' That's to say I am NOT the last dumb, stupid, cruel, crazy or abusive klutz she dated or married
Non smoker & not addicted to anything ... esp not addicted to drink, drugs, cats, drama or the past!!

I know, it looks like a lot to ask of The Universe eh ... but TU always comes through for me & I've learned to ask & trust :-)

What else can I say ... eternal optimist with huge and (perhaps) warped sense of humour!

Q - Does it matter if a glass is half full or half empty ... just so long as there's another bottle in the house or the wine shop is open?

Age range @ default - doesn't mean anything "good or bad" we'll have an idea as to what's an intelligent, agreeable age difference - would be as foolish to miss a brilliant conversation because of a few years under a number as it would be to try & force something

Fairly flexible, tolerant, 'easy' to get along with for the most part - but would be unwise to mistake that for anything else.

If you're irritated by my profile ... awesome, click next & you have my very best wishes for your success elsewhere !

It's here to filter out non-qualifiers ... I'm looking for just 1 apple, not an orchard ;-)

Google 'Belgian bank Mindreader' enjoy, if you're smart you'll then realise why I don't do net pics!

Happy daze !
Onw ...Wsa taht a tyop awe knot?

About my Match (click to expand)

  • Seeking: seeking women, 18-99
  • Location: Any Distance
  • Height: 4' 8"  (142 cm) to 6' 6"  (198 cm)
  • Body Type: Any
  • Hair Color: Any
  • Eye Color: Any
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Religion: Any
  • Education: Any
  • Occupation: Any
  • Income: Any
  • Smokes: Never
  • Drinks: Never, Rarely, Socially, Gave it up
  • Marital Status: Never Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated
  • Has Kids: Any
  • Wants Kids: Any

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