Princess Meghan the Feminist

Prince Harry made an honest woman out of Meghan. waiter

It's done. Now that Meghan is a princess, and duchess of the royal family she has a huge responsibility and I am happy that Harry appreciates independent, career women. I wonder, did she ever dream of herself walking down the aisle? If so, her dreams could never have been as grand as the event turned out. More than just a fairytale wedding, it turned into a real Cinderella story complete with envious step siblings to boot. wine

Meghan is not only a beacon of light for women's rights, because she is a mixed race the standards of many more people, especially children, around the world will greatly improve when they realise that anything is possible, and the potential is there, if you put your mind to it. She is such an inspiration, for just being the woman that she is, and a woman who values herself as worthy of the job of duchess. I am very happy and wish them the very best for the rest of their days. hug

From the beginning of time, black people have been enslaved by many other cultures, bought and sold, begging for a pittance, and at last they rule their own kingdoms in Africa. They will fail. They will succeed. I might not be around to see all the success stories on this continent, but I do know Meghan by her very presence alone has brought great encouragement and pride to many people of colour. rose

God Bless the Queen (and her family)

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