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My blood type is "B positive" What's yours?

The following picture won the editor's choice on a photography website that is holding a contest. The picture is mine. I just thought I would share it. Photography to me is about sharing the beautiful images that the photographer may find and capture. It is among other things, an art form. I am blessed to be able to see this scene very close to my house. It is a place I see when I am walking to the grocery store to get groceries and as you can see, it is very peaceful here.

I feel that a lot of my blogs have been about negative things, so.... to balance out the negative I have decided to post something positive.

The store I work in, is sometimes a negative since so many things go into working there that are negative, but TRULY to have a job right now is a great big thumbs up!

My girls, "A" and "A" are high maintenance and not always "fun" to take care of. But a huge blessing to me. Without them, I would be very very sad and lonely.

We have no car and must push a baby's umbrella stroller to the store past these trees, on the way there to put our groceries on. Invariably, a total stranger will say to me, "Oh you forgot your baby!" Or "you lost your baby" jokingly.

I just smile back. Passing these trees in the picture makes everything about not having a car and pushing a baby stroller full of groceries home, worth the trip!

BTW: gas is 3.25 $ a gallon here.
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