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September fourth

Yeahhh! I am back at work now...summer off is sometimes too long for me...especially when I am stuck in the city. The first day of work was good though it was a whole day of staff meetings as we get ready for the avalanche of kids tomorrow....the school is at its maximum load of kids this year apparently there are 900 kids enrolled. In my department we were given an overview of the "special" kids that will be attending this year...some are regulars that we know very well but a few are new. We have a pair of Identical twins who are going to be atending the school that are severe Autism. I have worked with severe autism kids before and if you can figure out what their focus/obsession is you can bring them down from a meltdown by mentioning it...but sometimes even that is not enough. We have no records of these kids from their other school so we are going into this adventure cold...I am sure we will be okay. I work with a great bunch of people who have the patience of saints and the creative talents to adapt to anything that may get thrown at them...chairs, books, pencils, fists, LOL just kidding(well sort of) I had some of the aforementioned things thrown at me!
Anyway as I said before... Yeahhh I am back at work!dancing yay
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