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September 1, 2007

After three days of 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM with night call on top of that, the weekend got here - and it's my weekend on call.

Add to that tidbit the odd fact that Gas America here in Lebanon, Indiana, issued a money order to me back in July, paid for in cash, which BOUNCED on August 14th.

I used it for rent - now my apartment complex has issued all sorts of threats about arrest, prosecution, etc.

I have the receipt, and went to Gas America...where I got the run around and brush off.
Called Western Union (who's name is actually on the money order) - same story - Money Order customer service wouldn't even allow me to speak with a supervisor, in 8 calls over almost three hours.


Just got back from the very same Gas America, where I used their in-store, for $.20 per copy, topy the paperwork from the bank, and a lovely letter demanding payment within the 14 days or I was filing charges for fraud, and deceptive practices.

(I included $225.00 in protest fees, the $280 for the money order, $3.71 for what I paid to get the money order, and $25.00 NSF fee.)

Let's see what kind of response I get tomorrow when the manager gets in and realizes I'm serious.

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