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Life in general.

Have you ever been watching a sporting event on television that went into overtime and the event lasted longer than anticipated?

Right after that event, the television announces we are now bringing you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

That is life.

We just jump into life already in progress.

Isn't that a bit weird to think about?

Where did we come from? What were we watching before and what is the program going to be after?

cheers dunno

Maybe more like a video game too...where it is a television program that is interactive.

What role do we play in it?
Have we overstepped our boundaries in this interaction? ....meaning, have we become too aware or knowledgeable of our situation and have we come to expect more from it than originally anticipated?

...just some thoughts

When we were given this physical vehicle (our bodies)...has our freewill accepted this challenge? Were we just randomly given it? Or were we forced to accept it? For ultimately what purpose?

...just some more thoughts


Are we here to solve a problem/mystery? Are we here to help others to make future watcher/players better off than we are/were? Are we just meant to be workers? Or, are we here to just hoard resources for ourselves? For sure though...we are here to reproduce vehicles(bodies) to allow new players to enter.

As far as we know...through our span of interacting (till our death), we are ultimately judged as to whether or not we were good or bad for the overall television program. Did we positively or negatively contribute? At least that is what our multi-thousand year old religions makes us believe. Religion...the "already in progress" television program's collective message.
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