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WELL, IT FINALLY HAPPENED TO ME…….I Knew it was only a
matter of time. And, it did NOT feel GOOD…………..Now,
what did you think I was talking about. Ya know we
can’t use Porn here or we’ll be in serious trouble.

What happened to me to cause me to write my first
Blog? I just received my first nasty comment. NOW I
know how it REALLY makes the rest of you feel….AND, it
wasn’t even all that nasty .

After so much commotion on the Blogs and Forums
regarding the posting of photos on our profiles, I
finally bought a camera, found a friend to take pics
for me, had my son teach me how to download them onto
the computer, save ‘em, and then upload them into my
Profile. I did all that, and was sooo very proud of my
accomplishments. The pics aren’t really so bad,
either. After all, I’m not a young chick…and I’m not
slender, or petite, or….oh well, I feel a second Blog
coming on about THAT subject.

I knew the pics were there….and I really wasn’t
expecting them to be important enough to receive any
feedback… ( I was just happy to no longer be thought
of as someone too fat to want to be seen.) .When, lo
and behold, while logging in the other day, I
discovered that I had an Email message from, oh dear,
I can’t tell ya, can I…

Well, “ it” shall go nameless…because “it” really
doesn’t make a difference. The message was not a
comment on a forum or Blog, which surprised me. Why
privately try to humiliate me? That doesn’t make
sense. “It” doesn’t even know me.

Well, I suppose you want to know what this is all
about. The message was short and sweet? “Why
not…………………………a girdle”. Actually, it made me
laugh. It
was clearly sent just to be annoying. Now, more
importantly, what did I do.

First, I looked up the profile. I recognized the name
but had never spoken to the person. The profile was
pretty much as I expected…..not particularly
impressive…to me, anyway.. Then I set out to read each
and every Blog posted by this person. Well, THAT was a
SMART thing to do. I found a habit of lack of respect,
improper use of the English language, deliberate jabs
and digs at people, for reasons known only to that
poster, and possibly a psychiatrist or two.

Now I had to decide whether or not to answer it…and if
so, what to say.
And, that’s the whole motivation for my first Blog.

I have not as yet answered it, but I have played
around with many scenarios. The first feeling was to
“get even”. But, when I gave it some thought, I
wondered why. I certainly didn’t want to lower myself
to “its” level. Then, the lightbulb came on in my
brain…HUMOR…that’s much easier than anger. Always in
my mind was that the commentor has the RIGHT to
comment. And then, I decided to put the incident to
good use….and thus…this Blog. I’m proud of myself,
once again.

My thought process, although maybe it should have been
centered around starting another diet, was focusing on
how I handle what life presents me with. Soooo, I came
up with the words for my reply………….

“Nope, can’t do that………….I try to have something for
everybody….. and that includes those who get their
enjoyment from un-necessary rude remarks”.
I guess I have succeeded.”

He IS a poster on this site….Ooops, I slipped….now you
know it’s a guy! Well, you probably guessed that

The moral of this whole blog?….Maybe to let you all
see that the old lady is really no different from the
rest of you young uns….I have the same thoughts,
feelings…BUT, maybe, just MAYBE, time has taught me to
step back from something, take a good look, and treat
it in a way that is constructive…..see…my First Blog.!
(I still have to work on this totally ignoring it,
option. Not yet ready for THAT.)

But, I’m seriously thinking that this is the only
reply he’ll receive.


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