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Humans eat what?!

I think too much. Also wonder why creatures have to eat others to live. What is this weird idea of a digestive track anyway...holes on each end!:confused One would think nature could have come up with a better idea. Anyway...think of what humans eat. The old saw of who thought, I will eat the next thing that comes out of a chickens butt. We consume foods that are literally sweat, ova, spit. Huh? For sure. We love honey. What is it. An insect sucks up nectar, changes it in some part of its body...gut?... spits it out and we then eat it. Humans are the only animal that sucks on the udder of a different species. What is milk? Modified sweat glands. Mind if I like your sweat? I need salt?doh scold
Eggs are ovum that come out of a hens body. Part of her cells. Her future young. Down the hatch they go.
Of course we eat seeds too... but.... Also fish roe.
And who the heck EVER decided they were going to climb up, steal that bird nest and boil it for soup cause the bird stuck it together with SPIT!barf How did they even come up with the idea?
I know we are stuck with our system. So the best is not to think too hard on it. Thank the steer for its sacrifice and enjoy. Remember..only fruit is given freely by plants to pay you to take their seeds elsewhere. just murdered a living creature. Give me those Brussels spouts...let me eat your babies.devil
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