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Weekend or beginning?

It has been an odd week. Odd as in strange rather than odd as opposed to even. I have been restive and restless. My words have clogged somewhere in the brain-drain and my skin feels as though it was meant for someone else.

It has not helped that my sinuses are reeling with dust and spores, my voice is croaking on and off like thunderstorm static on a telephone line and the tops of my shoulders have decided their sole purpose in life is to produce sweat. Sweaty shoulders? Who ever heard of sweaty SHOULDERS?

Perhaps if I had made an in depth study of TCM I would discern the meaning of this new phenomenon. Dr. Bao would know. Me, I shall just go through the rest of my life with wet patches on my shirts and blouses in the strangest of places.

It is Friday once again which means I do my show tonight. I had several conversations with the advertising world suggesting that, as I am averaging ten letters a week, there clearly is an audience so perhaps their clients would be interested in targeting it. Very frustrating. I know we fill a niche market but this niche drives BMW's and Mercedes and they are not politicians.

This is day three of the new health protocol I am subjecting myself to. So far, nothing except a colour change when I micturate, bright yellow instead of clear. Oh, and the incredible performance of organizing what to take when and how often! Still, there has been no explosion when I toss off ten capsules at once and wash them down with green tea.

And I don't quite smell like me any more, even the feral cats gave me a 'look' before twining around my ankles as usual. I smell like herbs instead of spices. Very bland and green. Oh well, it won't be forever, nothing is.

I need to do a couple of things. Watch a DVD to write a review; get gas for the car - and it would be really nice if I washed the car; pull some thing out of the freezer to cook later; so many things. I may or may not do them depending on how my energy swings. Right now it is on the low side, I need a snack or maybe even breakfast to stoke the furnace and start the day.
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