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Gender insanity.

What gender are you...every survey asks that question. They offer choices usually. The main ones list male or female.thumbs up Then it gets weirder. Male, female or other gender.frustrated confused doh Some offer male, female, non binary, or other. I have ran into a couple that break it down into trani, bi, or un-determined.
A Brit said if you have dangly bits, you are a boy. If you dont, you are a girl. Makes sense.
I know one thing...there should be no kids in a locker room of girls running around with dangly bits!wow Or non in a boys locker room.
I go by XY and XX. Just because you put a fleece on a wolf, doesnt make it a lamb in the flock.
I have no issue with how someone dresses or lives their life. Just PLEASE, stop shoving it in my face and DEMANDING my approval.
When I grew up there were terms for not male nor female. They were it's. Or hermaphrodites. Couldnt we just use those?
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