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Head stands and beetles.


This hat makes perfect sense in a city that has tropical sun one minute and torrential rain the next.

Bin makes my coffee every day in a small hole-in-the-wall cafe type thingy and we chat while she’s doing so - neither of us understanding a word the other person is saying. I’ll speak for a bit then she’ll respond, our morning ritual playing out as street merchants prepare their street-side stall for trade. I imagine Bin’s telling me about her day when she’s probably demanding to know why someone would keep bothering her this way.

The acrobat.

Walking through a park I found a nice young guy standing on his head surrounded by juggling clubs and balls. I’ve never had a conversation with a stranger while they’re standing on their head and found it enjoyable - I’m not sure if the young man shared my enthusiasm. After righting himself I learned he’s quite a talented acrobat who comes to the park most days to practice. Maybe we’ll stand on our heads together some time.

A bridge.

The old Bangkok buses lumber around the city like enormous red prehistoric wood beetles, and although they’re not that environmentally friendly, I think they they add great character to the place. To me, the west can sometimes feel a bit sterile by comparison as well as somewhat clinical. Yes, I’m grateful for highly trained doctors and trains that run on time, but couldn’t we have some fruit sellers wandering the carriages?
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