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Do you believe all you read ?

As I read the blogs and the Forums from the many posters on here ,some interest me from a positive point of view and I respond accordingly whether in fact or perhaps with a touch of humour.

However I have noticed recently that some posters who flood the Forums with their own personal ideology refuse to debate if your comments defeat their point of view ,and actually delete them. Does one class this as controlling ,or is it because they consider themselves always right with no room for manoeuvre.

A classic example is that the Royal Family are all reptilians ,hence the goat appearing at the late Queen's funeral which actually is the mascot for the Welsh Fusiliers, and the mention of a dragon on the Royal Standard.Again it does not exist,it's a rampant lion representing Scotland. London is full of dragons ,so what. Our patron is St. George who reputedly slew the dragon hence the representation. China and Japan have far more dragons in their history so does this then put them on a par with the U.K?

Another one I noticed was with reference to Elon Musk and A.I Actually Synchron beat him to it as a U.S man has had this done to enable relief from paralysis a crippling disease. Deleted of course when I pointed it out.

The list is quite endless but I wont bore you with any more.

I'm told I watch too much C.N.N confused Why would I watch American media news when I live in the U.K.laugh

Anyway folks I've been told by these bloggers to stay away from their posts and believe me I will .I'm not into brain washing or blasphemy ,and I don't live on Fantasy Island either.grin
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