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R a n g e ....[ .18.

. explanation of. A Tabernacle... Explain
...167. Tabernacle
.............} ...strong radio Net...1890. Madison NJ.
6453..above you } .p a s s Over.

Now then, the discovery is simple & Technical at the same time and in the same $pace.
Your radio program is Sub Ordinate, your Time is sub Ordinate, your Rainbow ideas are sub what we have Named, the Strong 2 table radio Net. cannot put a silver bullet into the gold oldy of Mr. Parkinson...the Work is always expanding so as to fill the time available for Completion..
Capiche ? ... nevertheless, trying to fit a silver bullet into the bureau of parkland, eYe now present the English language....L file....[ .Webster & my eYe.
Lying...given to falsehoods.
.. lymph. } .pale liquid consisting of blood plasma
.lynch.... Put to death by mob action.
Lyndon..[ .eng.Name ..dwell on hill beside cascade.
. lyric. } .words of a popular song...
....sum thing happening here...what it is is [ now.
Clear...- for the Worth / work..- Stills & eYe.
... Lysergic acid diethylamide. ) .L S D } 25.
.lyssa.. ) . madness ) .rage.
L Z. [ abbr. ) . Landing Zone ..point at which troops are inserted into action by Bell Helicopters.
M. / .13th letter of the King's alef-bet. [ Strong house
M A C ..2. } . maximum allowable concentrate
...b.} . military airlift command...angel
..standby....pop Quiz. | .can the L file thus Examined be yet Improved & extrapolated ?.
A. ) .Yes. & very easily...
...a) . medical diction...b.) .blacks Law 6 Ed.
.C.) glossary of Military English & such... Est, the essay is a silver bullet & Parkinson paradox remains firm. This is a proof of the Eternal..if you are able to produce silver bullets yourself...then by any means...please kill me & Dr. Park...all ye English Engineering Experts..
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