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FROM INDIA WITH LOVE Part 10A Flight To Venice

This story continues from part 9B. Live or Die.
Flight To Venice.
Music: All of me/ Some kind of wonderful.........................Michael Buble
Crown and Teen looked out of the window of the ascending cargo plane and observed the arrival of military personnel who had become miniaturised figures in the distance. They looked at each other. That was a live or die situation, said Crown.
Teen smiled. Well, at least we escaped from India with love.
The pilot, Captain Gerard, suggested they should get some rest at the rear of the plane, as it would be a long journey. They took his advice and managed to find a comfortable area to relax and discuss their situation.
Were you born in India? asked Crown.
Yes. My father was English and my mother Indian. He was in the military and was temporarily posted to a base here where he instructed service personnel with modern defence technology. He then met his future wife, my mother, and produced me. I managed to achieve a degree in languages, and my father suggested I respond to a vacancy advertised by the commercial section of the British embassy in Delhi. I was successful.
One day whilst travelling to Delhi by train, I was approached by a Russian man who began a conversation, which ended with him offering me a considerable amount of money to work part time at the Russian embassy. In return, I would be expected to supply him with any data connected with western defence policy. I didn't refuse his offer, but saw this as an opportunity to reverse the situation and obtain anything useful to our intelligence services. I raised the matter with the appropriate people at our end, and it was agreed to reduce my hours of employment in order to make myself available for work at the Russian embassy. I would be fed info that was not sensitive, to make it appear I was helping the Russian intelligence, but at the same time, I would be aware of any developments on their side and feed it back.
Yes, That sounds perfectly fine. Good thinking by you. You became a double agent. Were they suspicious of your previous background?
At first yes, but I managed to develop a reliable working arrangement and tried to impress with any data I was furnished with. They got used to me. Then I discovered the installation of their new cypher equipment. I knew this was like striking gold. You know the rest of the story.
Crown was impressed. You acted brilliantly, and with courage. What about your parents? They would now be at risk.
Fortunately they decided long ago to live in the UK. So now I have no attachments here. But I know these Russians, they will have discovered the destination of this plane, and no doubt will arrange some confrontation, somewhere.
We'll have to face that challenge when and if it arises. We should try and get some sleep now. Crown found some material and placed it on a section of seating that hugged the side of the aircraft. You can lie there and I'll lie on the floor below you.
Do you remember that day on the beach? said Teen.
Yes I do.
And the evening together?
Yes. Of course.
I hope we can be together like that soon.
We will. Now get some rest.
Teen reached out a hand which was taken by Crown. Sleep overcame them both.
Some hours later, the aircraft made a change in direction which woke the sleeping pair. Venice was now in sight and touch down at Marco Polo airport was a few minutes away. Captain Gerard instructed Crown and Teen to put on their safety belts. He pointed out that Crown should leave his gun with him, together with the valuable bag. He would have special clearance through customs due to his military status. Both items to be returned, once outside. After landing and formalities completed, the three were reunited. Gerard suggested that they accompany him to a pre booked hotel to freshen up. A taxi was called, loaded up and departed.
In a phone booth nearby, a figure with reddish hair and large build, watched.
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