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. People aren't always what they seem

The first step to wisdom is realising how little we actually know.

May the good god bless everyone and show the direction of purity and kindness..

Swami Vivekananda, born Narendranath Datta, was an Indian Hindu monk, philosopher and author. He was a chief disciple of the 19th-century Indian mystic Ramakrishna. Wikipedia
Born: 12 January 1863, Kolkata
Died: 4 July 1902, Belur Math, Howrah
Full name: Narendra Nath Datta
Education: Scottish Church College (SCC), Vidyasagar College (1871–1877), more
Parents: Vishwanath Datta, Bhuvaneswari Devi.

What did Swami Vivekananda say about Jesus?
In his lecture, Vivekananda has compared the entire human existence to an ocean, where an individual's life is like waves. He has compared human lives with the waves rising on the ocean, and then falling down. Jesus is like a big wave that comes very rarely. Vivekananda called Jesus "The great soul, the Messenger."

Swami Vivekananda (1863–1902) is best known in the United States for his groundbreaking speech to the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions in which he introduced Hinduism to America and called for religious tolerance and an end to fanaticism.

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