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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

........And manifestation occurs.

Whatever we focus on expands and intensifies and, by giving it life and energy, we are empowering the very thing we do not want – in our life, and in the world in general.

Therefore, we should be extremely mindful of what we decide to focus on.
Thoughts are the language of the brain, while feelings are the language of the body that creates our state of being.
Since we unconsciously transmit energy, (positive and negative) we have drawn towards us EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is in our life.

From my recent observations, there have been many political blogs, based on world events, as well as many religious blogs, which are drawing people´s attention, and empowering all those events, instead of focussing on a solution and findIing PEACE.

Also, when looking at profiles, many are writing wish lists of all the things they don´t want in a partner (non-smoking, no scammers, players etc.)
And then, they complain and write blog after blog about all the same people they keep attracting in their life.

Some also seem obsessed with finding out what their past lives were, with the thought that they were glamorous – which is far from the truth!
Consequently, they are giving power to the past, when they should be focussing on living in the PRESENT.
(this is a topic for another blog...)

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