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Readers of this story please note that " Teen" is a code name for all female double agents in the secret service. The real name of the operative in this story is Lana Bretta, and her name will feature in all episodes.

Lana Bretta froze. The feeling of dread entered her body. She turned to face the security guard who approached her.
Sorry Miss, but I've got to check everyone's bags when they enter or exit the building.
I've only got sports stuff in here.
I'll still have to check it, He insisted.
Lana saw the fire alarm positioned by the front doors. If she could distract him and hit the button, it may work. It was her only chance. I'll go back to the office, and you can check it there, She said.
He agreed and when his back was turned, she pressed the alarm.
The guard said, Wait there. I must see what's happened. He hurried off.
Lana rushed out of the building and made her way to the waiting taxi. It was 5:40pm. As quick as you can to the air base, She shouted at the driver.
Ok, Miss, but lot of traffic at this time. I'll do my best.
Lana felt panicky, but there was nothing she could do. She was relieved at overcoming a disastrous situation. The taxi crawled amongst the congestion of vehicles. It was 5:50pm.
Crown and Casey were at the train station and ready to meet Lana. Well it's 6pm now and no sign of her, said Crown.
Give her chance, said Casey. There's a lot of traffic at this time. It was now 6:10pm and the two were concerned until they saw Lana rushing towards them.
What a relief, she said. I had some problems.
You made it anyway. Tell us what happened when we are in Casey's car, said Crown, with urgency in his voice.
At 6:30pm, they arrived at the Air base. Casey checked them in at the security admissions point and helped transfer the luggage to a room where Crown and Lana were introduced to the pilot who would be flying them to Venice.
At the Embassy, there was much confusion. A hidden camera in the entrance hall identified Lana as the culprit. The Cypher was missing. Four officials left the building in two cars. The Cypher machine was fitted with a tracking device, enabling it to be identified wherever it was taken. Delhi Air force base was pin pointed.
It was almost time for the cargo plane to commence take off. The pilot gave a signal for Crown and Lana to make their way to the aircraft which was approx 200 yards from the waiting room. They began their approach. Just outside the perimeter fence, two cars travelled at great speed towards the security point. A man climbed out of the first car and spoke to the guard who appeared to refuse them entry. He was ushered into his small office and the barriers started to rise. Crown instructed Lana to hurry on ahead towards the plane. Both cars were now approaching rapidly. He took out his pistol and adopted a crouching position with a two handed grip. A car window opened and two shots rang out. Crown fired twice at the windscreen, which shattered, and the black limousine swerved to the right. He fired a further two shots at the side window.
The vehicle continued its course and crashed into a perimeter fence. No one came out. The second car stopped and two doors opened to conceal armed officers. Dan Casey witnessed the events and decided to provide assistance. He shouted to Crown to lie down flat. The two men turned and realised they were exposed from the rear. They jumped in their car and made a U turn to exit the base. Casey fired a couple of shots to ensure their departure. Crown waved to Casey and joined Lana who was waiting at the top of the aircraft access steps.
Wow! That was unexpected, she said. You and Casey did brilliantly.
The doors were closed and the plane taxied down the runway to enter the sky above Delhi, and head for Venice.
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