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Guns in schools...

Right after every school shooting, both sides of the 'gun' issue think they have the answer.
In a previous blog I stated nothing will get fixed. No one has the answer and if they actually did, the issue would get 'shot down' by the side who disagrees with the solution.

Repeating my comment from that blog:
My prediction: For or against, nothing will happen. Nothing will get fixed.

Doing some research, I found a few sites that explain some current gun laws and how it affects schools. There are variances from state to state, but basically (other than security and law enforcement) possession of a gun in a school is a crime.

Uvalde, Texas massacre has so many errors and why the police didn't confront the shooter. I read "there’s no doubt some of those children bled to death while waiting for police to make entry"

One of the possible solutions that's been kicked around for years is to arm the teachers.
Personally, I think that's a bad idea and just to be sure, I asked a security guard who is a retired police police from New York and also served in the U.S. Army for his opinion on the subject.
His reply: "Bad idea, very bad idea"
Before I could ask for an explanation he was offering a few details.
He explained that Military training lasts for months and as a soldier you live the job.
Police academy last for months and while it's a job, you have to be mentally conditioned to fulfill the responsibility.
Teachers aren't allowed to discipline unruly students and now you want to arm them?
Consider the enormous liability he said. You have to train every teacher to accept the position of security, issue weapons. Where do they keep the guns...? lockup?
His sister-in-law would give her resignation. She's a teacher and not security.
He went on to say, there are lots of retired cops and former military who are suited for positions as security and not some overweight guy with a gun and keys who is one notch above janitor.

I agreed with him. The only guns that should be allowed in schools would be in the hands of trained professionals hired in security positions.

The issue is will something actually be done?
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