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Ukraine, NATO and Russia

NATO and the US and Russia scheduled a sit down this past week to discuss the Ukraine, but 'through an oversight' forgot to invite Ukraine. Ukraine had memory of a meeting back in 1937 when France and the UK had a meeting with Nazi Germany to discuss the Czech problem but forgot to invite any folks from Czechoslovakia. rolling on the floor laughing We all know how that story ended.

Anyway upon being tipped off about the meeting happening Ukraine bitched up a storm and the meeting broke up with nothing decided and the US and NATO apologizing to the Ukraine for the 'oversight' while attesting they had Ukraine's best interest at heart and would have been adamant that Ukraine not be invaded.

It is most likely Germany and the other NATO countries wanted assurances that the oil to Germany would not be disrupted if, and also that Russia would stop at the borders of Ukraine.

Meanwhile China has notified Kazakhstan that if Russia can't put down the protests there China is more than willing to provide more capable forces to keep peace and secure the oil fields and uranium mines there.

I have my shelers fully stocked with food, and a good supply of popcorn and beer to nibble on while I watch the re-run of WW2 take shape. beer
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