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Mandate by Dictatorship.

Last I knew, Americans were a Democracy and we had freedoms. But, our dear Kings and Queens of elected officials say bah humbug to that idea. Now the Mayor of New York city decreed via mandate, that all PRIVATE businesses shall toe the line ordered by him. Every worker must get a shot. And, after 45 days a second one. Employers must post proof and may get fined. They dont have to fire any worker, just not let them work.
Now a mask mandate doesnt affect a body for years to come. No issue with clothing rules. Otherwise we might run all over naked and that would open a heck of a lot of issues. Please stop sweating on my lunch! A mask is clothing. Not that mandates do much good when people hang them loose, under their nose or chin. Better than a mandate, teach dummies how they might do some good if worn correctly.
But, when government orders people to take a "drug", that is against the Constitution.HEPPA laws were made to prevent others from invading your health privacy. If a friend is undergoing medical care, I have no rights to ask their medical personal anything about it or their condition or even if in hospital. A law against domestic partners.
Yet government in a time, NOT of war, feels the right to tell people they must take a vaccine with so many questions against a virus with so many unknowns.
Give politicians an inch and what next. You MUST take statins so you don't end up in hospital? You must take blood pressure meds for the same reason? And the person you work for has to be the servant of the government to see that you do?
Maybe next Sir Mayor decides that no one may be a customer in ANY store unless vaxed. Not just entertainment venues, but things like grocery stores and drug stores and gas stations.very mad
Or perhaps birth control orders so commerce is not interrupted by pregnancies or parental leave.
Guess what, when Big Brother says its for your own good..they are NOT your parents! They are your rulers.devil
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