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Ukraine fallen by the New Year

One wonders how terrified President Putin was of President Biden's warning that America will no longer buy Russian exports if Russia invades the Ukraine.
Thanks to Merkel Germany is getting most of their oil and gas from Russian pipelines. Winter is coming and Germany's economy is still weak. If Germany reacts militarily to an invasion of the Ukraine all Russia has to do is clench a fist and the flow of gas to the industrial heart of Germany will stop. So Germany dares not react. Russia will probably raise the fuel costs anyway to pay for the invasion, and Germany will pay it. Maybe Biden will compensate Germany for the increased cost of gas to heat German homes? Either way any goods embargoed away from Russia by Biden's sanctions will happily be sold to Russia by China and paid for with gas revenues from Germany.
So Putin quails in terror, not.
Wednesday President Biden announced that if Russia invades the Ukraine the US will not send any soldiers to help Ukraine. Well of course anyone who watched how well Biden defended democracy in Afghanistan already knew that. Even President Putin and the people of Ukraine already knew that. Again Putin trembled at the news his invasion forces will be unopposed by any member of NATO, not even the American ones.

I am noticing the recent joint military exercises by Russia and China in which they both jointly fight mock American forces. Several years now and their cooperation has greatly improved. I wonder if China will roll against Taiwan on the same day Russian tanks swarm into Ukraine to free the Russian people trapped in the Ukraine.

Thank you President Biden. Memories of your legacy will last a very long time I am sure.
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