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Missing You

I miss you!

There is something that reminds me of you everywhere I go. The grocery shop parking lot where you used to pick me up. The curb where you hit your bumper at. The right turn that leads to your area. Our favorite restaurant. Alfredo pasta that you used to cook for me, the watch that you insisted to pay for as a gift for the holidays. The night stand that you chose carefully to make sure it was in my taste. The earphones that you got me because I broke mine. It was colored pink because I asked you to pick a fun color. The netflix series that I made you watch. Your favorite basketball player whose name I could never pronounce. Everytime I go out, I hoped to run into you.

To me you were perfect. Your eyes were the perfect shade of brown, your curled lashes that hit your glasses. The perfect arch of your eyebrows. Your lips were the perfect shade of red. And your perfect nose! You were everything I ever wanted and hoped for. I thought if I could make you love me, that would be the best thing in the world.

But since it didn’t work, i just miss you! I miss you. It hurts when I think that someday you’d marry someone else. And she will have all of your love and affection. It hurts badly. But I have to settle on the fact that it is over between us. And take comfort that you once were mine.

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