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My sleeping disorder.

My thought are going back in times .
I am up thinking about when I was very young ( 16 ) years to be exact .
I am remembering everything like it happened yesterday . The stupid things that I did with out even giving it a second thought .
I remember I was spending some time at one of my sisters house to assist her with her daughter , because she was working and she needed the help badly . I did not hesitate to help her , she was so loving and kind , soft spoken and of course beautiful inside and out ,
One morning after she and her husband left the house I want to believe that they also had taken the child with them that day , maybe they were not going to work that day in question .
About ( 11 ) o'clock , yes it was a week day , but I can't recall what day it was exactly , I went to one of the nearby shops in the neighborhood actually it was the shop that had almost everything that you asked for , as I entered the shop a van pulled up , it was a sale van , the sales man was selling fire extinguishers , I cannot remember how we started talking , but the man said to me . come with me to do some sales , you will pretend that you are working with me .
I am seeing him as i an writing this blog , a fair skin Indian man , slim built about 5ft 7ins tall , I laughed , you know very young and not thinking at all , lol , yes I could laugh now .
I said to him . if something should happen to me ? His response was , nothing will happen , when the customers see a young lady with me they would not hesitate to buy and they would be more receptive .
I remember sitting in the front passages seat and did act the role as his assistant for the day , we visited a good few places and he did get sales , because he wi!l introduced me as his assistant sales woman and I would encourage the customers to buy one . I remember a short fat lady asking me if she should get one for her two boys who have a garage and they see about cars , indeed I said and she bought it .
He dropped me back where he picked me up and he thank me for the help .
Looking back it was a very foolish thing to do , but it turned out well nothing bad happened , I never saw that man again .
I am asking myself this question every time I think about what I did . Are you crazy what were you thinking ? Yes you had to be out of of your mind .

We are living in a completely different world now , back then crime was not so prevalent as today .

Every time I think about this I thank the Almighty God Jehovah for protecting me .

No not in a million years or ever again .

I cannot sleep , I am up since after ( 11 ) o'clock and yes this is s true story , just writing because I cannot sleep .
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