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Farm September

Corn is at dough stage, beans just starting to turn yellow. New batches of kittens...sigh.. Hay is all in. Neighbor brought it in 25 bale loads. Beautiful hay. 40 pound bales or more and only $2 a bale. He always gives me a break. Maybe cause he gets paid right away. And is a friend.
I decided enough with plastic sheeting. Costs me $120 for 20x100. Lasts 3 years and shatters all over. Stupid idiots in environmental brigades. Plastic doesnt rot. So lets make it so UV rots it. Yep. Now farmers have to buy new every few years. And chase bits all over. Then toss in trash so it gets buried OUT of the sun so it never rots. Anyway..I paid the $24 a sheet for corrugated polycarb clear. Made removable panels for the back of the pergola. And a hinged door. I can take them down in summer. Of course Pa Kettle syndrome will hit and yep..ought to do that one of these days.
Woodshed is half full. Winter is supposed to come early and be snowier, colder and polar vortex. NOOOOO!!! blues scold I know winters are easier than when I grew up. But, with old age, seem longer and harder.
I lost my black ewe. No idea why. Hard to tell with sheep. They like to die just because they want to. She was sick one day, down the next and then got pneumonia and dead.Bad part is there are no vets anymore that do farm animals. Just pets. My guy was here so helped drag her out before he left. Tenants son helped me dig a grave and bury her. I swear this hill is a mass grave yard. Have to keep track of empty ground for next graves. Some day a paleontologist will do a dig and wonder WT?confused Hey, its a farm. I feel like I have dug a 100 or more graves in my life. Glad I live on sand. My usual idea is I could go dig a hole in the Sahara and either hit a boulder or tree root! The barnyard is clear of them. But, running out of room.
Two more possums shot. Hen still sitting but question if they will hatch. Too late in the year anyway. Poor chicks run around in cold temps in their BVDs!doh
Tenant was asking where the black walnut trees are. Uh..EVERYWHERE! I went in my "park/lawn" and gathered a bag. Put them in the barn. Have fun! They are tasty. Only issue is get the black husk off..wear gloves or be dyed for days. Then crack. I told him a hydraulic press works. Or put them on train tracks and let train run over them. I never tried that method. Afraid the walnuts would derail the train.laugh See if he wants more.roll eyes
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