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Fear of the Known

Having responded to another blog and not getting a response to how people fear the" known " and said blog now closed ,I'm putting it out there for discussion.

For example there are many children in abusive situations be it physical or s*xual. How do you suppose a child can allay it's fears and protect itself by positive thoughts which has been suggested ? Are they not fearful of the known?

I was personally attacked one night and frankly have never forgotten the fear that was instilled in me at the time. I still carry this with me when in certain situations, and surely that's normal as a protective measure.

Many women and even men are in relationships that are for them untenable. but , due to circumstances of finance or concerns over children ,are unable to walk away. Are they then not fearful of the known?

Developing cancer ,especially if it's metastatic, or any other debilitating illness and disease may not be removed just through thought transference and positivity, or even diet change. That's just wishful thinking surely and are they then not fearful of the known?

I know people who have beaten the big C but I also know people who are facing death as I type, even though they fought a long hard battle and pushed their own boundaries.

Yes we can stay positive about how we deal with any ongoing situation in our lives but it's not always a cure for what ails us. Hope is a wonderful factor but despair is quite another matter.

Please no discussions about Covid and control..handshake
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