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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes


"Be mindful of where your attention goes - most often and powerfully - for that is what you are creating".

Since we are the creators of our own thoughts and reality, by repeatedly focussing on whatever situation we are in at the moment, we will attract the same, just like a magnet.

I was talking to some friends of mine yesterday who were complaining about their situation and the bad luck they´ve had during the course of their lives (family issues, wrong jobs, lack of money, relationship issues, etc) and was explaining to them the concept of the law of attraction, to which they said: “what? You mean to say that I actually attracted all this shite into my life?” hmmm hole

Many people have a hard time with this concept. They don’t like to think that they’ve dragged all sorts of misery and tragedy into their lives.
They’d rather blame external circumstances for whatever else they think is wrong or missing in their lives.

But, here’s the good news. If we´re responsible for having created the parts of our life that we don’t like, we also have the ability to create a reality that we want and love.

How do we change what we attract?
By focusing on what we want, and not on what we don’t want.

We are vibrational beings, in a vibrational universe. and are constantly emitting a vibrational frequency with the electromagnetic waves produced by our thoughts. Consequently, the universe will reply in kind.

Regarding what I have described above, there´s another facet to the situation.
If we do not personally take a grip of our lives and destiny, there is a multitude of people and institutions that will do this for us.
The common name for this is “They”. They want all power and authority. They will go to any length to achieve this.
For instance, if they need more power and authority, they will have to bring about a situation where the masses actually ask them to take control.

Recently, there has been an outbreak, allegedly, and so, they must do something about it.
So, our freedoms have been taken away, many of which we are unlikely to get back, and there are many more examples throughout history.

The conclusion is: WE must take responsibility for ourselves, and not be distracted and give our energy to some entities who are taking our power away.

As for the spiritual world, as I explained in a previous blog, the law of attraction applies to some malevolent entities that some tend to attract. They are just a reflection of our inner selves.
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