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Critical Variety Theory...

... In the US Federal and some individual US States, seat warming "employees" are now being required to spend time in seminars, so they can try to behave, and thereby magically become, less White.
Gone is the arrogance, respect for hard work in school and on the job, reliance on fact based critical argument, and all the sordid rest of it. Pupils can now stop ackin' White, ditch the proto gang banger threads, and get down to real academic achievement. And now this Third Reich mindset is moving into some corporate culture. Coca Cola, thankfully, is reportedly doing so. Many others are on the Apartheid band wagon. Public schools, universities. And more.
And Robin DiAngelo's ("White Fragility"-see it at your liberal public library, don't make her any more rich), 50 minute on line self-learning program on this important topic, no doubt will advance the demise of the human scourge of prejudging others, on the basis of skin color.
Well, all I can say is, it's about time. But why spend so much time in self critical self study? For a few bucks, we hopelessly melanin challenged Hupersons, can apply skin creams to darken the skin, just as Michael Jackson used the opposite potions to look less Negro. Not to mention the botched repeat rhinoplasty.
No more hair straitening. Gold teeth. What a release from bondage. Wealthy successful Black men can now look for non White spouses. Or at least abandon the search for a hottie near White Lady Octadroon.
See, all. I now am finding valid reasons to stop regretting the stolen, VERY stolen, erection. As should we all.
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