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i play the no lose lottery ,,

i play the only lottery where by you do not ever lose your stake money ,,,,it must be the only lottery in the world where you can win up to a million every month and never lose your stake ,,whats the catch well if you invested that money you would earn interest ,,but the way the bank rates are then you would not miss much ,,
it may be a high stakes game for some people ,,as the starting price is one hundred pounds or dollars ,and the upper limit is 50.000 pounds or dollars obviously the more you invest the greater your chance of the million ,,which is also tax free all winnings are tax free,,the lowest prize is 25 pounds or dollars then it increases upwards 50,,100,,500,,1000,,,5000,,,10,000,,,25,000 ,,50.000,,,100,000,,,and the big one 1,000,000,,,,

on my first investment i worked out the interest that i received via prizes and it equated to 20 percent ,,but that was when the upper limit was 25,000 pounds,,, but now the sharks have joined the pool which tells you exactly how good it is as they all invest the max and still earn a pretty penny or two out of it ,,,,
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