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Lost Innocence

Innocence, one of the most precious gifts we have from God, but which we place the lowest value. A gift that we give up so easily, an otherwise fragile gift. We are all born with this gift, but over time we lose more and more of it. A child is born with a pure and complete innocence. In time he grows up, learns to speak and then for the first time his innocence, is charged, is "put into play" when he learns what is a lie and everything about it. That is the moment when the person / child for the first time is put in the situation of choosing, keeping innocence or giving it up in favor of lying. Time passes the man / child grows up and learns what blackmail is, once again his innocence another piece of it is "put into play" once again the man / child must choose, keep innocence or give it up in exchange for blackmail. Again, time passes and the man / child grows up and gets to know the theft, as before ... his innocence is put to the test, as before the decision belongs to him. Over time, the person / child comes to know, violence, murder, and much more, and each time his innocence is tested. With every particle of lost innocence, man / child thus sinks into an increasingly dark and deep wickedness from which few can emerge. And in all this, one thing is for sure, No one can return your Lost Innocence
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