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Consider your investment

More and more I consider investments in people like those who invest in the market.
Often times many will throw their energy into something or someone they believe may offer something in return be it friendship or when it comes to the stock market they throw money into it in a hopeful yield in their return.

I consider everyone here who may have invested their time and effort with writing their blogs and poems in the hope their ideas will yield an ROI that someone may take a personal interest on the blogger or poet.

Now often times nobody knows the motives why some may take an interest while others could care less what people are about.

The frustrating part which we must be careful is just how much time and effort we are willing to put into our investments in people. As so many may be looking for a quick fix or quick turnaround and giving the least amount of energy into people if they yield no desired results what then do they hope to gain?

Everyone today wants everything for nothing yet, often they walk away with exactly what they gave.
If they give nothing what should they expect in return?

Investors who shape the global market believe if they put their faith in a company that shows economic growth they hope for that intrinsic value will become a real payoff in dividends.

The same we hope in people and trying to find a friend. We may invest our time our emotional connection our hope into someone for a payoff.
The sad part when people selectively communicate or refuse to communicate or give excuses as to why they don't reply we must consider we may be investing our efforts in a dead cause.

So, when do we hold to let our investment ride or sell and save our emotional energy?
What are we willing to risk?

We can place our bets on a table and with a flip of a card or spin of a wheel or with a pull of a handle on a slot machine with just about the same odds.

Life and love is a gamble to some degree.
The amount of investment we choose to put into seeking what we want our Return On Investment is reflected accordingly.
Life is like a sewer you get out of it what you put into it.

When people placed say 20 to 30 years into a marriage and wake up one day to learn it's over they consider their investment in a hard way. It hurts more.

On a social site like this if you met someone and corresponded for a few days and find your new interest has blocked you or hid their profile to avoid contact you have little invested and so not much lost.
Kind of like a day trader they trade for an hour they make maybe $10000 and done for the day.
Or they may lose that investment for the day.

If we treat people in the same manner we may luck out with a bonanza or we lose more than we expected.
Consider your investments wisely in dealing with losers on this site and watch for the winners.

If you find a winner and it continues to grow hang on to it. He or she will hopefully carry you through the hard times.
Consider your long term investments in people dont be a fool all the time to assume its doomed to fail.
However, if you know it's just not worth the time and you are not getting anything out of it then before you lose your sanity it's best to sell or let it go.

My reason for this blog is when shooting the breeze with my father about his investments in the market he studies it everyday and watches when to buy and sell and it's a hobby for him.

No different than someone who has a hobby in playing music or collecting stamps.
People here can look at this site as a casual hobby to write blogs and poetry.

Their investment they hope to achieve is simple courtesy and friendship and correspondence without having to be obligated to drop their panties just because some fool pays attention to them.

On that note I do consider my investment in others and their investment in me. For those I let down or failed them I apologize. For those who still have faith in me that's a plus.
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