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Applying for jobs - not in England.

After reviewing the pl.. I mean, after a few days of me looking up UK job futures, it's clear to me, that there will not be any Danish speaking opportunities for me there. It's sad, seeing as I really love the UK. I therefore decided to read through my emails, to see what I had been sent over the last week. One email sounded promising: Working in Latvia for a big company. I then thought to myself "hm, I wonder how Riga is to live and work in".. Flash forward to me going to YouTube to look up working in Riga. I found a video where an American woman talked about the truth of living and working in Riga, and I thought it sounded like a great place. The next thing I did, was to look on available apartments, and how much they were per month. Not expensive, actually. But they are priced according to the salaries there, so it's not like you earn a fortune. As long as I can get by and save some up, that's all I really ask for, if I am honest.

Next step is to apply. If that fails, I am sure there are plenty of other places in Europe, where someone like me can live and thrive!
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