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Today I walked ontop of water

No reason to start a religion or worship me though.
I mean, unless you want to. laugh
Hey, some gals have. To each their own. dunno

The fact is, that the water was frozen. So, no big deal.....for you.
It was on a lake. In fact, there were several guys ice fishing today.
That's what inspired me to do so. I never did so before.
If I didn't see people fishing on it, I would have never went out there myself.
In fact, 2 of the fisherman had a fire going on ontop of the ice.
I never saw that before.

One foot actually broke through the ice near the shore, when I first went on.
Luckily I was wearing rubber hiking boots. So, no big deal.
But, I should have figured that, since the ice was clear, rather than white at that location.
In my defense I have no experience whatsoever on walking on frozen lakes.

I took some pictures and had fun. It was a sunny and windless day.
Cold though.

I talked with the fishermen. One is 80 years. He's been ice fishing for 60 years.
That's some experience.
I asked him how he determined that the ice was safe enough to walk on
and he joked, that he sent his wife out first, and if she didn't fall through, he would try it
and he's gone through several wives that way.

In reality he has a metal pipe that he pokes the ice with several times before he walks on it.
I told him that he would have lost less wives, if he poked them more often that the ice. grin

During the day I got photos of deer, a cardinal, some punks at the shoreline from the lake,
and I ended the day taking some nice photos of the sunset.

I hope your Sunday was enjoyable also. peace
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