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Bill Gates and wifey...

,,,and their Foundation. Experts in all aspects of science and politics. And how we should always do as they say, not as they do. Issue a warning that with C-19, all horsepitals would be over run with patients, and actions were suggested to ward this off. These included suggesting mobile treatment centers, into which patient spill over could occur. Also using multivariable modeling, (GIGO---garbage in-garbage out), guestimating mortality far beyond, more reasonable such guesses.
We used to marvel at the vapid female spouses of real Doctors, running the candy gift shops and such in House, Mouthing all sorts of clinical nonsense, with no more than an Mrs. red knee degree. "Well, my Daryll the Doctor always says----"
So, many governors are still using these bogus data to continue selective State wide shutdowns. Especially Churches/schools---Liquor stores and CFM abortion centers, not so much. Now for a whole year.
So arrogant ueber leftie slug, Gov. Cuomo, D-NY, takes it all a step further, and shunts active infective cases of the Virus, from Hospitals to, get this, open beds in Elderly Care Facilities! A more vulnerable population, a guy couldn't ask for. So numbers of elderly deaths there soar. Then, and get this, he agrees with staff to cover it all up, with fake, VERY fake, mortality numbers. As usually, it all comes out, but the corrupt MSM at first gives him a Biden-Obama pass. .And while he's blabber-mouthing about all his good work, and the bad work of the Donald, is now getting sanctioned by the FBI and his Party.
His dad may have been a class act, but the male offspring---yuck!
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