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CNN Cancels Airport Network, Allowing Flyers to Travel in Peace

In an email to CNN employees, CNN head, “Dwarf King,” and puppetmaster Jeff Zucker announced the decision, citing a “steep decline in airport traffic because of COVID-19, coupled with all the new ways that people are consuming content on their personal devices.”

Therefore, Zucker added, there’s less of a “need for the CNN Airport Network.” As an aside, there’s a question that has to be asked: Was it ever necessary to begin with?

Zucker’s e-mail made it seem like this was the passing of a dear family member:

Having to say goodbye to such a beloved brand is not easy...It also became an iconic part of the traveling experience in this country.

I am sure most of us have a story to tell about which airport we were at when we first learned of a major news event. Be proud that we had a hand in sharing some incredible stories with many millions of people over the past three decades.

Imagine being that broken up about the end of a near-monopoly on airport TVs that, as many have liked to joke over the years, must have inflated CNN’s viewership.
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