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How Our Thoughts and Actions Can Affect the Planet´s Environment

We all know that the weather can affect our emotions, but can our emotions affect the weather?

Reportedly, our individual negative emotions affect our health but, collectively, can also have an impact on our surroundings and the environment as a whole.

It is known that the human body is a storehouse of energies and, as we are an integral part of our planet and the environment, by our sheer weight of numbers, we must be affecting everything???

Our negative thoughts and feelings change our internal vibration, causing a negative imprint on our surroundings which, in turn, changes our external reality. The result of 7 billion plus of us thinking negatively must be considerable!

The international media is making their fortune peddling fear, anxiety, anger, rage etc.. Consequently, these energies are poisoning the planet - physically and emotionally.
Alternatively, 7 billion plus of us being happy, smiling and thinking positively, must have the opposite effect.
Inevitably, some people will have illnesses, die, and have misfortunes.

This may sound crazy but, our negative fear-based emotions drive the weather on the planet.

For example, here in Spain, the weather has been far from what is considered normal in the last 12 months.
During the Covid 19 lockdown, we had the hottest summer on record, during which, despite the “lockdown”, borders re-opened and mass tourism was encouraged by the authorities.
Beaches were divided into parcels to enable social distancing, but the harsh restrictions lead to much frustration - especially Spanish people living in the cities were confined to their homes.

And now, that the tourists have gone, we are in the midst of the coldest winter in recorded history - heavy rainfalls, floods, high winds, people being swept away by floodwater in town centres, people drowning in underground carparks, heavy seas, trees falling down etc., - all widely reported by the media - together with various protests against the Covid 19 restrictions, and an obsession with American politics.

And now, following all those restrictions, Madrid has been experiencing a snowstorm and its aftermath – first and worst in 60 years! – leaving the town looking like a Swiss ski resort, and its inhabitants wallowing in their continuing misery.

Collective madness? Can we, by more positive thinking, and less attention to the fear mongers, bring about a more harmonious and tranquil environment? dunno

Wishing You All a Nice & Peaceful Day!
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