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Posting of political Blogs and Forums

Good advice for dating, when getting to know someone, has always been "avoid.talking.about.politics". I guess we've proved that here.

But goals of this site have been to allow for free expression... along with free membership. Members will never understand just how difficult those goals have been. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, many of the blog and forum political discussions here have been so interesting and we think, so important. But many, not so much...

The heightened emotions and isolation of a pandemic and divisive political unrest have made things more intense...causing tempers to rise, groups divide, constant bickering, pack attacks, name calling, complaints, battles over who is right, despair, and a hate-filled environment that has taken us waaaay far off from the original focus of this site.... which is DATING!.... flirting,, getting to know new people,, learning about people from other locations & cultures,, finding friends,, and a fun place to hangout when there is nothing else to do.

The site provides a lot of features and things to do. But first, this is a Dating Site!
Where's the fun.. and the flirting??

So we've decided it would be best to concentrate on more positive categories for discussion, and to no longer allow posting of threads and blogs about Politics and Covid issues.
This is to let you know that, for now, we will be removing any that are posted.

We are sorry to those of you who have come here wholly to post political topics, and hope you find an acceptable platform to do that. To those of you who wish to continue posting here, we hope that if you appreciate this site and want it not to go the way of several other sites lately, that you will cooperate with this new rule and find other topics to discuss... ones that will help a more friendly environment return to the forums and blogs.
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