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Don't answer the phone...

There was a time I answered every call. My position was sales manager and I had to communicate with new people all the time. It was time consuming to listen to a message and return the call when my preference was to catch it when they were on the line.

In the last 5 years the number of bogus calls has increased tenfold. Extended warranty warnings in English and Spanish, I'm looking for a house in your neighborhood, my business is approved for a 6-figure low interest loan. An election year and I've received more than 100 calls and texts from people... right up until election day.

Unless I'm actually waiting for someone to return my call, I'm hesitant to answer any unknown incoming call. Most of the caller ID have names now and 'Scam Likely' is usually on the header, but some discount carriers don't use that system.

Most everyone I know rejects bogus calls.

When I receive a solicitation call, I block the number. What happens then is my phone doesn't ring but the call is automatically routed to my message box and I get notification there. The computer generated 'robo-calls' are recorded messages repeating the same BS over and over. Since they can spoof the number they are calling from my phone sees it as a new number and the call comes through.

Don't answer the phone... it's no one you want to talk to.
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