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Trump constructs only 5 miles of new Border Fence in 4 years. And some Droog Numbskullery

The rest of the 445 miles of Border fence he says he constructed was just refurbishment of existing fencing whose cost had been allocated and the contracts set up in the Obama administration.

It also didn't help that the first mile of new fence builtt blew down in the wind, because the superb contractor hired by the greatest builder the world has ever seen didn't let the concrete set enough, and it had to be constructed again.

As for all the money he stole from the military to construct it, well some of it will have been given to Trumps cronys as contracts, but like the money he fundraised for his 2020 campaign over 4 years it has vanished into the money Black hole that is Donald Trump.

And that's not even mentioning that he promised to build a 30 foot high wall of reinforced concrete, not a 15 foot high corrugated Iron fence that he proudly said could not be climbed, because it gets really hot in the Sun.


Now just a little bit of backstory on this post. The trolls have been openly trolling and celebrating today due to their strategy of deleting everything anyone else says that proves they are wrong. So I did the obvious thing. Type it out in Notepad and just copy and paste it on Droogs posts, then sat back to play a computer game, checking back for when he had deleted it and just pasting it back and hitting reply again.

Well he did not take this at all well. I'm not going to be cruel and post the Mails I got from him . But lets just say there was whining, and he really, REALLY wanted me to know I'm fat.

For the record, I'm "234 pounds" with a Presidential figure. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

So ya, like all bullies and trolls he can dish it out, but he sure cant take it. And now he has locked the post so he and his fellow cultists cant sit there circle jerking. Winning. ::purple_heart:

Anyway it's a beautiful morning. purple heart
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