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The End Game - Update

The current situation reminds me of “The Handmaid`s Tale” which features a dystopian world where the majority of humans are sterile.

The current reality, however, is far different from the situation described – we have an ever-increasing population, and it has been suggested that a significant de-population will be necessary in order to prevent an overpopulation catastrophe.

Looking back through the ages, NO birth control was used, but reproduction of our species was necessary, to ensure our survival.

Fast forward.... the Romans started using birth control (using bladder from animals), and for VD prevention.

Then, in the 19th century, condoms were invented.

In the 60s the pill was invented, but AIDS came along in the 80s and therefore, condoms still had to be used in order to prevent this new disease.

And now, we have a “deadly” ....something "virus" and have to social distance and wear masks.

So, this situation now is: We´re unlikely to meet each other and, if we do, we don´t know what they look like! Which makes it a very effective contraceptive, and even VD & Aids prevention! cheering

It has now been suggested by many alternative doctors/scientists that the said "vaccine" - supposedly to prevent this “virus” - is going to make us all sterile!
That will be a very good contraceptive! uh oh

Is the situation described in the book “The Handmaid´s Tale” (written in 1985) becoming a reality?
hmmm hole

The Elite shall inherit the Earth! shock

Note: The above is not only an observation, but has now been proven with some recent facts, since I wrote this blog.
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