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Catering for 400 people, also some smaller ones

Piece of beef served sliced, individual to guest at the table.
Whole stuffed salmon, two.........decorated
Turkey's two, one sliced up surrounding a partly cooked standing turkey so it won't fall apart
Curried scrimp
Fried chicken
Whole ham sliced
Stuffed tomatoes
Stuffed eggs
Potato salad
Vegie tray
Cole slaw
Jello- ed fruit
Buns, sliced meat for those still hungry
Desserts tarts, bought at a very good bakery
Everything else was prepared by only two people
Beautiful decorated and arranged at mirrored trays
Hired staff to help serve and keep the trays filled up
Ready for the clean up crew now, but we had to put away the left overs
People all had plenty to eat and could even come back for seconds.
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