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How our Ancestors celebrated Mothers Day

Before the Modern concept of 'Mothers Day' celebrations, our people celebrated Mothers Day in a Unique and specific tradition.

Before I share the tradition, let me share why they did this. In a story

In the Ancient Days, before the existence of earth, even before the existence of Heaven.
Thee Father lived a more basic life, because he was only just starting to create interactive images like a cartoon. He did this because he was extreemely(understatement of the century) lonely, imagine if you will, that you are the only one on planet earth and everywhere around you it was desolate without plants or animals, so you were completely alone, but you were the size of an ant.

This is what His loneliness felt like in a vast space of nothing. blues

No matter how minute the detail of His interactive creations, or how loving they were, all He could feel was his own presence and he also realised that they were limited to his design and imagination they werent able to freely choose. Which again reminded him how lonely he truly was. His interactive creations felt his lonliness to the very cores of their beings, and nothing they did no matter how loving could heal this lonliness he had.
And for Ten thousand years he tried every way to create life its was his only desire and mission. At which time he mad with rage and violence, truly ugly times. This is God whom can create and destroy and during those times he destroyed ALOT...

But it did not take him long to realise that did nothing either, in which he began to fall in a deep sadness then from deep sadness to the deepest depression you could possibly imagine. Because he still tried and failed to create life every time not matter how different no matter how unique.

A few thousand years later, he had an epiphany, from his days when he fought against the darkness. He realised if he could pierce through the darkness, like a knife cuts through flesh, could he do that to Himself? The answer is yes. He could...

So now he found a way to commit suicide. But he still had enough sense and coherency regardless of the immense loneliness he felt, to keep trying to create life.
But at some point everyone meets their breaking point, and after trying a billion different ways to create life and fail still. The thought of ending his life eroded his mind like an infectious disease.

So finally after trying so hard, he was a broken god. And he could not bare being alone anymore. His creations pleaded with him, to no avail because they were like programs like of a computer. His sorrow and loneliness drowned out their pleas, he knew that if he killed himself his creations would die also. At this point, nothing could stop him, and with every cut into his life essence, the volume of the pleas from his creations began to dissipate. He wept beyond imagination as he did this, it was a long slow and painful process. He could sense the very end of his life near, he knew without a doubt he was close he knew one more cut and ALL LIFE would cease. As he was about to deliver his final blow. He stoppped... "Something's different" he thought in his mind. He felt a presence that wasn't his own he felt LIFE different from his own. He turned around and there before him was this Beautiful Woman in White. Mother...

So this story was told to those who did not have the sight, from the Chief of the their tribes as they celebrated Mother's Day known as Rahina = Moon day(Mon day). And they honoured her by staring up into the moon remembering how She saved Us ALL. How she brought light during God's darkest moment.
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