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How much in control of your life are you?

If the rubber really hits to road and life as we know it really takes a dramatic turn in a different much control do you have over your life?

Take for example, this pandemic....many businesses were involuntarily shut down, people lost many jobs, people lost loved ones, people lost relationships, and people lost places where they lived. Did they have any control to make the outcome different?

Take for example, when you get old....some will lose their minds and not know their loved ones who come to visit them on a daily basis. Others will have no control over their bottling functions and defecate all over themselves. Did they have any control to make the outcome different?

Take for example, at any random unidentified vehicle comes and visits you from overhead. You have no recollection of it ever leaving as you watch it overhead from your bedroom window and you and your partner mysteriously end up in the middle of the room facing each other. Did they have any control to make the outcome different?

Those are just a couple of examples I can think of.

With those in do you proceed with your life? Do you proceed with your hard principles tattooed on your forehead and scream your opinions out where everybody is to hear your voice because what you think is sooooo important.


Do you proceed with your life with complete faith and peace that you are doing the right by your fellow woman/mankind. You know things of this life are out of your hands and to try to take over control of what is out your hands can be very stressful and can threaten your health and therefore make a peace within difficult to obtain.

just some thoughts...

Happy Friday all.

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