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THE COMMENTS BLOG - For Commenting On Comments Disabled Blogs -

Are You Frustrated frustrated By Threads Shut Down By Disabling Comments?
OF COURSE You Are! - Who the Hell's Not?!

Here's the remedy to y'all gettin' ulcers chafing @ being Denied Commentary!
(Hence this bein' a HEALTH Blog ... grin )

Here's how it Works -
Merely indicate on Which Comments Disabled blog one wishes to comment.

Fr'instance - Let's say My "Election Day -366" Blog didn't allow comments
(It Does Allow Comments - But if I use MY blog as an example, no one can get pissy & whine to *ahem* y'all know Who ... wink )

Indicate the desired blog by clicking on the Anti-Free Speech Blog that's burning a hole in your guts thusly ...

Copy the link to the blog, found @ the top of the page ...
Paste the link into the Comment Box in this "Comments Blog" -
(As I'll demonstrate in a Comment below uh oh ) ...
And proceed to vent your spleen ... very mad ... devil

Simple, no? ... batting

popcorn .. drinking

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