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"Biden - China's POTUS Candidate | Means, Motive ... Political Opportunity."


Consider The Following Scenario:

December, 2019 -
China's Original Candidate, Mike "Xi Jinping is Not a dictator" Bloomberg, "Crashed & Burned".

Vid 2) See 13:00 - 16:00.
Coronavirus Is Man Made -
it was In the popssession of China's Wuhan Bio Lab.

Vid 3) See The First Three Minutes.
China Weaponized Coronavirus -
It was Deployed for Biden's Political Advantage Against Trump.
U.S. Broadcast Media Hyped the Pandemic.

Vid 4) The DNC Rigged The '20 Democratic Primary For Biden's "Unprecedented Comeback" To Get The Nomination For President.
Means, Motive ... Political Opportunity -

The Timing Of The Covid Outbreak & Biden's Unprecedented Primary Comeback Is A Remarkable ... Coincidence?!

Did the PRC wage Bio-Warfare to get a China-Friendly POTUS?
Does The CCP have ties to The DNC? ... To U.S. Broadcast Media?

The Dots Line Up - Do They Connect?

Judge For Yourself. hmmm

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