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Have You People all Gone Insane Or What?.......................Let Me Understand This Just One More Time Now...You Don't Want The Police To Do Their Job Here In The USA?...................Is That What You Are Saying?
If It Is? Then You Are An Anti American Through And Through
These People Have Their Lives On The Line Every Day That They Leave For Work
Would You Want Their Job?....I Really Don't Think So
Who's Fault Is It When A "Person Of Color" Gets Into Trouble...And They Have To Arrest He/She For What They've Done?...It's Not Their Fault...It's The Person Committing The Crimes Fault

These Nut Jobs Are Being Funded By Someone Who Has A Lot Of Money
There's No Way They Can Just Show Up At Any Point...Anywhere...And At Any Time

It's A Total Disgrace That This Is Allowed To Go On
It's Virtually A Coup In Progress.......And If These Police Are Not Allowed To Do Their Job?
Then I Hope The Next door They Try To Break Down?..Is Your Door
That Way You Can get The feeling of..."There's No One To Call...I'm Screwed!!"

If You Liberals Can Say That Whats Been Happening In Our Cities For The last 4 Or 5 Months Is A Good Thing?
Then You Are First On My List.......And Believe Me That There Are Millions Of People Just Like Me

If You Are A Liberal?...And Agree With The Violence Going On?..You're Sick In The Head
Your Country Is Going To Hell Jack a**....And You Havn't A Clue Of The Future...Even For You
Yeah..There Are a Few Bad Cops...But That Doesnt Mean They Are All Bad,,,Does It?
I Say That I Stand With The People That Are Of Law Enforcement
They Are The Greatest People With The Hardest Job In The World

To The people Of Law Enforcement?....I Salute You
Instead Of De Funding The Police?....We Should Be Refunding The Police
With A Salute...And A Thank You

detective detective detective detective detective
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