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Goodbye To Tourists (Brits & all Others)

I thought I´d shed a little light on the situation, here, in Spain, as of today.

These are my observations based on reported facts, and not a copy-paste, and I have tried to keep it as short as possible but, the facts are a moving target.

As many know, Spain depends largely on tourism, with over 82 million visitors last year – mostly from GB, followed by Germany and France.

Although the “virus” was already apparent in China since last Dec 2019, Spain didn´t take action until 14th March this year, imposing a complete lockdown on the country, with a total of over 260,000 cases of infection. The state of alarm was extended by two week periods and Spain became the most infected country in Europe.

The question to be asked: Why didn´t Spain shut down earlier?
Failure to understand the situation? Or, fear of economic collapse?

The lockdown was finally lifted on 21st June, following a four-phase de-escalation plan from the strictest regulations in Europe. At that point, the number of deaths and the infection rate was steadily decreasing. Things were looking up.

During that three month-lockdown, the wearing of MASKS wasn´t compulsory. Probably due to their unavailability!
The new “normality” started on 21st June, after the “state of emergency” ended, and citizens were able to move freely across and between all regions of Spain - except Madrid who had to stay in phase 2 as being the region being hit the worst by the “coronavirus”-

At this time, MASKS became mandatory in all public places, as well as the two-meter distancing.

Then, on 29th June, Europe reopened all borders and then.... oh la la.. party time! – the Spanish got back to their fiesta routine, and the foreign visitors were once again welcome with open arms to join the party. applause party dance danceline

In conclusion, Spain was the harshest country in Europe regarding rules and restrictions which, by and large, were respected, until the party started.
The Spanish have done their best to create an illusion of “security”. They take your temperature at the airport etc. but, the mere fact that some are tested positive on arrival, highlights the fragility of the system.
How did they get on the plane in the first place and have now, obviously, infected many more???
And, of course, flying is not the only way to get to Spain! Many foreign plated cars from all over Europe are to be seen driving around. Have they been tested??? confused

Here, in Spain, on the evening news, a map of Spain is regularly shown with red patches showing the outbreak areas. These red patches are getting bigger and more numerous and some regions have gone back to lockdown again!

I myself have personal experience with this. Friends who live only 30 kms away can no longer leave their area to go to the beach, or visit me, and it is now spreading to my area.
How long before shutdown? And how long for, remains to be seen?? hmmm hole

Against this background, I see on the news that Britain has imposed a 14-day quarantine on anybody returning from Spain, and other countries are about to follow this example.
Spain has taken this as a personal slight, and now threatening to impose a quarantine on Brits coming, still insisting that Spain is “safe”, despite being contradicted by their own figures which show a steep rise in infections.

Health officials of both Spain and the EU regard restrictions on travel to Spain a good thing and their advice is not to come! scold

Of course, the politicians are furious about the loss of tourists' income, although they have just received 140 billion Euros from the EU to compensate for the loss (the highest compensation paid!).

I suggest that any tourist contemplating visiting Spain in the near future should be forced to produce a certificate of sanity. cartwheel batting

Apart from that, the sun is shining, the sea is blue, it is very hot and humid. dancing cool
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