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Sungazing And Its Benefits

As it is known, the sun has inspired mankind throughout history and has been worshipped by many societies in different parts of the world.

Sungazing is a one-time practice of a lifetime, usually for a period of 9 months.
But, it can also be broken up into three phases: 0 to 3 months, 3-6 months and 6- 9 months.

Reportedly, some of the benefits include:

The mind becomes stronger and more balanced
Thinking becomes more positive
The Pineal gland will be activated
It restores levels of melatonin improving sleep
A reduction in appetite is also reported.
More psychic powers and it increases intuition
It raises consciousness and awareness
Improves eyesight and vision
Improves overall health

I myself followed this practice for 6 months - on an off, depending on the weather - (30mn in total) about 6 years ago, and my experiences included most of the above.
My eyesight improved and my eyes were not so sensitive to sunlight, as to not having to wear sunglasses all the time.

At what times is it done?
It should only be done within an hour of sunrise, or sunset, standing on the bare earth barefooted.

10 seconds on first day, increasing 10 seconds per day thereafter.
Do not exceed a total of 9 months = 45 minutes, after which it is necessary to walk on the bare earth barefooted for 45mn daily for 6 days in order to refresh the energy.

How should it be done?
Gaze with unfocused eyes. Staring directly at the full sun could damage the retina.
You need to approach sungazing with an open mind and heart, safely, in the knowledge that the sun is not going to harm you.

If you want the immune system to strengthen, then keep on the barefoot walking.
Also, if you want memory power or intelligence to increase, continue the walking practice.

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